Friday, December 5, 2014

Image Enhancement: TOC

Table of Contents of the series of posts dedicated to Image Enhancement.

Because your scientific images are not perfect and the objects of interest are difficult to see, you have to enhance your images. Usually, three main defects can be fixed:
  • Brightness and Contrast
  • Non uniform illumination
  • Noise
  1. Useful tools
    • Histogram [Link]
    • Transfer function [Link]
    • Profile [Link]

  2. Brightness and Contrast 
    • Playing with the transfer function [Link]
    • Playing with the histogram [Link]

  3. Non uniform illumination
    • Introduction [Link]
    • Subtract Background [Link]
    • Example: 'Dot Blot' image [Link]

  4. Noise removal
    • Origins of noise [Link]
    • Convolution [Link]
    • Mean, Gaussian Blur and Median ... [Link]
    • Periodic noise [Link]
    • Periodic signal [Link]

  5. GeometricTransformations
    • Translation [Link]
    • Rotation [Link]
    • Perspective Transform [Link]

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