Thursday, January 10, 2013

Learning Tomography: Fourier Rec. in Action

In this (long) series of posts dedicated to Direct Fourier Reconstruction, just a small break with a movie summarizing the steps to compute a 2D reconstruction image...

Here is a movie showing the three-steps procedure for computing a 2D reconstruction with the Direct Fourier Reconstruction technique:
  1. 1D Fourier transform of each row of the sinogram.
  2. Filling of the 2D Fourier Space
  3. Inverse 2D Fourier Transform to display the reconstruction image.
In the second part of the movie, you can see what happens in image space (on the left) when the 2D Fourier space is filled. In other words, the left part of the video corresponds to a 2D FT-1 of the right part for each new update of the 2D Fourier space. It is obvious that this algorithm works like the (Filtered) Back-projection technique.

+++ Movie +++
+++ End of Movie +++

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