Friday, November 14, 2014

Graphics: Marching Cubes - Results

From the script marchingCubes.js of the previous post [Link], here are some examples of isosurfaces rendered with Blender...

1- Toric solenoid

From the macro published in this post [Link], I created a toric solenoid n=9/2 contained in a 256x256x256 8-bit volume. The OBJ file was then imported in Blender and the result is presented in the Fig. 1.

Fig.1: Isosurfaces of a toric solenoid n=9/2 calculated with a cube size of 2 and 1, respectively.

2- T1 Head

The image of Fig. 1 was obtained by running the script marchingCubes.js [Link] with a threshold value of 60, a cube size of 1, and a bilinear interpolation.
In Blender [Link], The OBJ file was imported and the  isosurface was rescaled to 0.020 and a Smooth effect was applied.

Fig.2: Isosurface calculated with marchingCube.js and rendered with Blender [Link]

 Playing with the various functionalities of Blender, I did a small video clip ...

+++Video +++
+++ End of Video ++

Hope that helps.

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